mercredi 15 septembre 2010

For the sixth time

Dear Friends,
I am happy to announce the Sixth Contest Science, Art and Cooking :

Let's use oses

We all know the taste of sucrose, but what about maltose, isomalt, glucose, fructose, rebaudioside A, extracted from stevia?

The participants will:
-create a dish of their choice for which a jury will appreciate the various sweet tastes (yes, there are many sweet tastes)
- use the density of oses for creating cocktails with layers, and no alcohol.

This contest is open to all: students of culinary schools or scientific institutions, experts, etc.
It's free. For application (latest date 30 September 2010) or for information, please contact

Odile Renaudin
Directrice des Rencontres Sciences, Art & Cuisine

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